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Attract Travelers and Increase Bookings

If all the beds we fill each month were lined up end-to-end, we could build a bridge from New York City to London. Now, let us start working for you too. Target consumers right at the point-of-sale and stay top of mind even after they leave Expedia properties—our flexible advertising options give your hotel visibility during all phases of the research and purchase cycle.

Advertising opportunities:

  • TravelAds: Instantly create sponsored listings for your hotel that appear in the hotel search results, plus maintain optimal budget control.
  • StorePointAds: Engage targeted consumers at the point-of-sale.
  • PassportAds: Connect with in-market travel shoppers after they leave Expedia properties.
  • Email Marketing: Send relevant messages right to the inbox of targeted consumers.
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Key targeting capabilities for hotel partners:

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Business Traveler
  • Leisure Traveler
  • Behavioral

Next Steps:

Advertising specs

See a comprehensive list of examples and details on all ad types.


Who we reach

By advertising with us, you will connect with an engaged audience of highly qualified consumers across the globe.

Opportunities by objective

We offer a variety of solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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Learn how your can market your rooms to the millions of travelers who use Expedia's systems across the world. Contact us today to get started!