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The Rise of Mobile Adoption
Download the latest study from comScore and Expedia Media Solutions highlighting the mobile habits of travelers in the U.K. These consumer travelers are an active, mobile-savvy group interested in making purchases and conducting research on mobile platforms. As a travel marketer, find out how you can optimize your mobile strategy to reach this expanding market.


Expedia is proud to partner with Brand USA and travel brands to promote their destination or product to an international audience. Learn more.  

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  • StorePointAds
    Engage targeted consumers at the point-of-sale.

  • TravelAds
    Instantly create sponsored listings for your hotel that appear in the hotel search results, plus maintain optimal budget control.

  • PassportAds
    Connect with in-market travel shoppers after they leave Expedia properties.

  • Marketing Email
    Send relevant messages right to the inbox of targeted consumers.

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